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WARNING: GetLoansNow does not charge any fee from its applicants. There will be no hidden charges or surprising cost on any deal.

Now it is too easy to apply for quick loans

Do you need urgent funding to meet your emergency expenses? Are you seeking for online loans to avoid any delay? We fulfil your wish by providing quick loans online in the UK. You only must take a few minutes from your busy schedule to submit your loan request, and we do not ask for any documents to support your application.

Everything will be done instantly, as we quickly respond and fast in fund transfer. We keep the loan application process free from unnecessary obligations and credit score barriers. Everyone can qualify for our loans, and we do not mind if they are unemployed. We only want a guarantee from your end on the proper loan repayments, and you need to show your affordability for it.

Do you want to experience the best features on quick loans in the UK from direct lenders like us? Apply now first by following these steps:

Fill online application

You need to submit the one-page application form online after filling it with only a few personal details.

Initial assessment

We instantly work on your loan application by doing a soft credit check and then sending a no-obligation quote.

Same-day funds release

As you accept the loan quote, we start the fund transfer process, which we do online. Now, you are all set to use the funds.

Get quick and easy loans on bespoke features

Financial emergencies are unexpected but not our financial assistance. We are the modern-age lender to provide quick and easy loans in the UK. We want everyone to have convenient access to our loan products, which should be far away from any hassle. Therefore, our primary objective is to satisfy you and make you stand firmly in your financial life.

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Same-day funding is indeed our principal motto, but we take care of other features too, including:

  • Low interest

    We are determined to offer quick low-interest loans. We understand that applying for a loan with a poor credit history or no job can ask you to pay more interest rates. Still, we constantly work on ensuring lower interest rates, particularly for people with poor credit scores.

  • Flexibility in the loan terms

    Another feature that compliments our loan deals is the flexibility you get while looking at the loan terms. Everyone has different financial needs and capacities. A loan term may suit one but not the others. We have kept flexible loan terms to choose from at your ease.

Which are the best options available as quick loans?

Purposes to apply for the loans may differ according to individual needs. There may be urgent car repairs, paying university fees, managing medical bills, paying monthly rent or needing funds for holiday trips. Since your financial expenses are different, we have already prepared to assist you by arranging multiple options on quick loans as direct lenders’ facilities.

Before opting for any loan type, we suggest you assess your loan affordability and apply for only that loan amount, which is repayable from your monthly income. Do not try to ask for a larger amount when a small amount can fulfil your needs. We are the responsible loan provider, and you should apply for loans with complete responsibility.

Unemployed Loans

You must search for easy loans in the UK during the jobless days. You get the same here, as specialised deals are exclusively available.

Payday Loans

The best way to face your financial emergency is to get an instant payday loan. You get the extra benefit of easy repayment on your next salary day.

Home Improvement Loans

Time is to increase your home value by improving its interior or exterior. Do not worry about the funds. We are ready to fund your home renovation.

Unsecured Loans

During a financial emergency, going for risk-free funding is vital. Our unsecured loans ensure the same for you by not asking for your valuable asset.

Have bad credit? Still get a quick loan today!

A poor credit score cannot hamper your chances of loan approval. You deserve the second chance we bring you by offering personalised, quick cash loans for bad credit. We have made this possible because we focus on your recent financial performance rather than the past one.

When you submit your loan application, you can show us your recent payments that you have made on time. Besides, individuals with very bad credit or CCJ can apply for our quick loans. Our rates will always remain competitive despite your less-than-perfect credit score. We take care of your finances by offering easy loans with no extra cost to add. We bring the utmost loan benefits, which include:

No guarantor

We do not need someone who can back you during the application. We trust your affordability and offer quick loans with no guarantor.

Soft or No credit check

We check your credit score through a soft search. It will not impact your credit profile and will help us put an affordable loan deal in order.

Same day funding

You should not think that you have a bad credit score and it will delay your loan. We are still firm on quick loans for bad credit on the same day.

What is the possibility of quick business loans?

We receive loan applications not only from individuals but also from small business owners. They also need urgent funding, especially after starting their companies. We also accept their loan requests and prepare exceptional deals on quick business loans. These are also available online with easy-to-qualify terms.

At GetLoansNow, we have made available these as short-term unsecured loans. You do not need to pledge any asset to secure the amount. The approval comes within a few minutes. The most significant advantage is that we do not hesitate while offering business loans for bad credit, as we focus only on recent performance.

Here are the advantages of quick loans for small businesses:-

  • A softer approach to credit checks: We are open to lending start-up businesses despite their low credit scores. If their recent performance is good and they are getting sufficient returns, we even consider providing quick business loans with no credit checks in the UK.
  • Loans for any business purpose: We do not put questions on your loan purpose. You can use the borrowed funds for equipment purchases, marketing, advertising, shifting location, etc.
  • Affordable interest rates: Whether there is a personal loan or a loan for business, we keep the interest rates affordable. As long as you assure us of timely loan repayment, we are ready to accept your loan application.
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FAQs - Why GetLoansNow for quick small loans?

Do you want to know more about us? We are a new-age direct lender providing quick loans online in the UK on borrower-friendly terms. Here are some queries that you may have:

How are the interest rates decided here?

After analysing the individual monthly income and the desired loan amount, we decide on the interest rate. The primary purpose is to offer affordable loans where the interest rates are competitive and pocket-friendly to everyone.

Are repayment terms easy to understand?

Yes, it is very easy to understand the loan repayments here. We give you a choice of fortnightly, weekly and monthly repayments. Since our interest rates are affordable, you can effortlessly manage monthly instalments. You can also choose our automatic repayment option.

Do you provide easy loans in the UK for those with bad credit only?

Our loan deal is available for those with poor credit issues, but everyone with any credit score can explore the advantages of our loan products. If you have excellent, good, fair or even very bad credit scores, you can avail of our loan offers.

Who can apply for quick loans from direct lenders?

Anyone who can afford our loans can get urgent funding from us. We provide loans to:

  • Employed and Unemployed
  • Students
  • Retired people
  • Small business owners
  • People living on benefits
  • Homeowners and non-homeowners
  • Single parents
  • Self-employed
Does no credit check possible with every loan offer?

Our every loan is subject to a credit check as it allows us to prepare affordable deals only. Sometimes, we agree on no credit check but with some conditions, such as:

  • You must be improving in your recent payment handling
  • You are already our borrower and availed of a loan from us
  • You are applying for the loans for the very first time
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