About Us

Getloansnow - Your true financial companion

Do you need help finding the perfect loan deal you seek? Try Getloansnow, a new, innovative and modern-day lender in the UK.

We offer the best marketplace to shop for unique but helpful loan offers, which are modified with keeping the customers’ financial interests in mind. Affordable interest rates and flexible repayment plans are the backbone of our loan deals, and isn’t it enough for you? Certainly, yes!

Getloansnow strives hard to reach the zenith of perfection, professionalism and passion towards serving the financial interests of the borrowers. customer-friendly approach is not based on borrowers’ credit histories or the lack of income sources. Instead, it implements through a trust that they will repay the loan on time.

Our primary objective is to pass financial advice and assistance to individuals looking for a better life in today’s tough financial circumstances.

Know our principles

At Getloansnow, we have fixed new online lending service standards where ‘EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE’. We move a step further by working on specific business principles, which we feel proud to share with you. These are:

About US
  • Are our loan products easily reaching the borrowers? Simplicity is a key to our successful financial assistance.
  • Transparency keeps us as a responsible lender. We always make sure what we have promised and what we have delivered.
  • Do our loan offers help bad credit or unemployed people in their financial recovery? A result-oriented approach that we always focus upon.
  • Our experience as the responsible direct lender ensures complete financial support with no surprises to add.
  • Your trust is our biggest motivator to prepare borrower-friendly deals as much as possible without impacting their past financial performance.

We will never encourage you to get a loan without a purpose. You can let us personalise a loan according to your needs. Being a borrower, you can totally avoid the stacks the paperwork while applying with us. We always try to be the support system for borrowers like you who are stressed financially.

Top reasons to choose us

Standing firm in the tough competition of the marketplace is a challenge, and we are fully ready for this. Since our inception in the UK loan marketplace, we have been able to bring such loan offers, which are not the competitors of mainstream lending but their perfect alternative. When nothing works for you due to poor credit, everything goes in your favour at Getloansnow.

If you still need to know more reasons to choose us, then here they are:

  • No Complicated Application Procedure
  • No Hidden Charges on Any Loan Product
  • Loans available At Your Own Location
  • Competitive APRs and Flexible Repayment Plans
  • Equal concern about the borrowers’ online identities
Top reasons to choose us

Who can be our borrower?

Getloansnow is for ‘everyone’ who needs money in an instant. Keeping eligibility criteria challenging for the borrowers is not our intention. The primary objective is to allow a loan for you based on your affordability. It is the base on which we construct our new-age lending, bringing affordable loans for everyone. You can easily qualify for our loans as we invite someone who:

  • Want to build or rebuild their credit history
  • Want to have efficient financial support during unemployment
  • Want to have an instant flow of funds without submitting or mailing loads of papers
  • Want to avail loans despite no guarantor to support in timely loan repayments
  • Want to enjoy the festive days with no financial barriers

A glimpse of loan products on which we are committed

During our establishment, we provided two loan products. Still, as we have been receiving the trust of more and more individuals, we have added multiple loan products as part of our quick financial assistance. The best part of our loan products is that we do not hesitate to offer them irrespective of individual bad credit scores or income status. Every loan is online with no documentation and formalities. Our loan products include:

Bad Credit Loans

Get loans to satisfy your financial desires and improve your score with our loans for bad credit.

No Guarantor Loans

We trust your repayment capacity as you are getting affordable loans where no guarantor is needed.

Payday Loans

Sit and relax even if a financial emergency is bothering you. Our payday loans are available within 15 minutes.

Personal Loans

Satisfy every financial desire or need with bespoke offers on personal loans. These are available on competitive APRs.

Home Improvement Loans

Feeling necessary renewal of your home? Go ahead with your plan without financial mess by getting home renovation loans.

Unsecured Loans

Our unsecured loans allow you to save your finances without any risk to your asset.

Unemployed Loans

Being jobless does not impact your overall finances because our support is there with loans for the unemployed.

Christmas Loans

Your festival celebration will not have any effect of funding gaps. Avail of your loans for Christmas to have peace of mind.

our loan process work

How does our loan process work?

We present an online platform where borrowers can apply for loans by sitting in their living room or at the office. They just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Sit Online and start applying
  • Load the mandatory details
  • Mention the amount that you desire for
  • Submit application and wait for loan approval

We pledge to decide on your loan application within 24 hours and be ready for a good surprise that comes with a same-day cash transfer to your registered bank account.