Unsecured Loans

Get up to £25000 for any need without putting up collateral

  • Affordable interest rates
  • No issue of bad credit
  • Easy online access
  • No guarantor is needed
  • Flexible repayments

Representative example:

If you borrow £18500 for 30 months at a fixed rate of £1443.26 interest per annum, with a representative APR of £5.9%, you monthly pay £664.78 and repay up to £19.943.26 in total.

*Late repayments can cause serious money issues.

Low-cost unsecured loans up to £25000

Sometimes, you need extra cash flexibility to ensure the best home renovation or finance any cash emergency. Whatever the purpose, you can trust us for a personalised and affordable unsecured loan from £1000-£25000 with repayment spreadable up to 60 months for convenient management.

Individuals with bad credit profiles can get cheap unsecured loan quotes in the UK marketplace. We consider aspects beyond credit delinquencies for approval. You can repay the principal amount with interest costs through monthly, fortnightly and weekly payments.

We know your focus is your life goal, not the loan. Thus, simplify things as per your needs and urgency. You can contact us if:

  • You need a flexible and competitive personal loan for a big purchase
  • You are looking for additional flexibility to redraw money at a fixed interest rate loan
  • Need knowledgeable and well-assisted finance for any personal or business purpose
Unsecured loans

What are unsecured loans?

An unsecured loan is one of the most preferred borrowing options in the UK where the loan applicant does not need any asset to secure the loan amount. These are short-term personal loans suit the best during the financial emergency or fulfilling a small need.

A borrower’s creditworthiness is the primary criterion to qualify. We conduct a soft check to analyse the total amount you can borrow per creditworthiness. The term implies income, credit score, and spending. One may borrow an amount as per affordability. The higher the income or credit score, the better loan terms and interest rates you can fetch.

Unlike secured loans, one does not lose assets post-default as these are asset-free loans. We try to ease the situation by granting you the flexibility to choose the loan term and change it if your finances suffer. You can easily manage your loan with repayments spreadable up to 60 months (over 5 years).

How unsecured loans are unlike secured loans?

There are ample options available in the market to finance your needs. It becomes overwhelming to decide on the right type. Before applying for any loan, you must know whether it is secured or unsecured. To know the difference between secured and unsecured loans, read ahead.

An unsecured loan is perfect if you have a stable credit score and a good income. A secured loan is ideal if you lack a good credit score but have valuable assets to get a better interest rate. Here is the difference in detail:

Secured loans Unsecured loans
This loan helps one qualify for better interest rates by putting up an asset. It is also known as a collateral-based loan.
For example- home improvement loans, car loan
It does not require any personal or business asset to qualify. It is ideal for individuals lacking assets but have stable incomes and credit scores. Interest rates are higher than secured loans.
For example- student loans, payday loans
The lender analyses the asset value to the amount required to approve. Individuals with bad credit may fetch one at a low cost. Here, the lender bases the credibility and affordability of the borrower in the form of income/revenue to provide a loan.
The loan completion is a lengthy process as a lender analyses the asset value as well Without any collateral or asset constraints, one gets approval and loan amount quickly
If you default, the lender may claim the asset lawfully. As this is a collateral-free loan, you do not lose any.

What are the utmost uses of unsecured loans?

There are innumerable purposes to solve with unsecured loans from direct lenders. From financing a lavish and dream wedding to contrasting an extra corridor in your home, you can immediately fix the extra cash needed.

Moreover, we ensure quick disbursal without any long-form or collateral description and screening. One thing is for sure that whatever your loan purpose is, we are determined to offer you an affordable amount only. Here are the purposes that you can tap these loans.

  • Consolidate credit card dues

    If you have neglected your credit card bill payments for a long time, consolidate these and save money. You can do so with the help of unsecured debt consolidation loans. Pending credit card bills entail penalties and later repayment fees. Thus, avoid it and pay the dues before the payday hassle-free.

  • Purchase equipment critical to business growth

    You can use unsecured business loans for any critical or long-term need. Entrepreneurs and business owners often struggle to close an equipment purchase due to capital constraints. Now, you can bridge the gap by borrowing an amount per your credibility and confirming the equipment purchase. It helps you keep the growth momentum intact.

  • Finance child’s education and health concerns

    If you are worried about your child’s life and want to ensure the best future without any financial hiccups, unsecured loans can help. You can loan an amount for a longer term of up to 5 years for education purposes. You can even ensure the best health policies, insurance covers and pay premiums before the salary day without any hassle.

How unsecured loans for bad credit can be advantageous?

Individuals with low credit profiles struggle to qualify for external finance solutions. If they get it, they face higher interest rates or borrow a lower amount than they need. You can sit and relax as loans do not affect your credit score with us.

We regulate unsecured personal loans for bad credit profiles with utmost responsibility. Here are the benefits of approaching us for the loans:

  • Get instant cash without a credit drop

    We provide unsecured loans with no credit check for any urgent short-term need. Here, we only conduct a soft credit screening that does not hurt your credit score. It implies your credit score remains the same at the time of loan application.

    You can borrow up to £5000 for time-sensitive needs by providing valid income proof. This income-based external facility is also known as an unsecured payday loan facility. Maintain regular payments to ensure a stable credit score.

unsecured loans with a bad credit situation
  • No guarantor is needed

    Sometimes, you need flexible cash assistance without any third-party constraints. If you have a poor credit score, you can consider unsecured no guarantor loans. We provide limited cash assistance to those with regular income.

    No, you do not need someone to back your loans. It is why it is called a loan without a guarantor. Though these loans have competitive costs, one may qualify for a cheap loan quote with a credible income bracket.

  • Unemployed can also qualify for urgent cash

    If you are a student, self-employed without a project, or recently lost your job, get loans for the unemployed for any immediate cash requirement.

    We here consider income in any form. If you are on income from benefits or part-time income, you can contact us for small cash help. The approval chances are 95% with a relevant income source despite having your bad credit scores.

  • Get funds for business without a personal guarantee

    Businesses with bad credit may not always need a personal guarantee in the form of an asset or a person. You may qualify if you have been in business for years and have productive business revenue statistics.

    Look no further if you need the best unsecured business loans with no personal guarantee. Contact us, and we will analyse the business years, growth, and vision through a business plan to provide loans.

  • No need to commit to longer repayment terms

    Unsecured loans are primarily for short-term financial needs. Unlike collateral-based loans, you do not need to pay until 15 years. Instead, you can close the loan within 5 years or less per your needs and finances. If you repay on time, chances are always brighter to come out from your bad credit situation.

How to apply for unsecured loans ?

Individuals applying for unsecured loans usually have good incomes but low credit scores. If you are confident that loans are perfect for your situation, apply now.

However, before applying analyse:

  • Are you in a good position to afford the loan?
  • Do you have recent payslips/revenue figures/ bank account statements?

If you need unsecured loans at the cheapest rates only, we can help by:

  • Analysing your personal circumstances
  • Evaluate your affordability as a responsible lender
  • Suggest the best in the industry rate for the loan
  • Help you maintain regular repayments with constant support throughout the loan term.

Here is the detailed way to apply for unsecured personal loans at Getloansnow.

Student loan application procedure

Step 1

Click apply and fill in the application form by putting up some personal details.

Step 2

Re-check the form for the spelling, information, and amount you want and send it.

Step 3

We analyse your application and requirement and ask for valid income proof. If required, we may ask for a personal guarantee.

Step 4

We analyse your affordability as per the proof of income you provide and approve if it fits the eligibility parameter.

Step 5

Sanction money soon after approval in your respective bank account.

Why choose us for unsecured loans?

We are upfront with the loan charges. You can check before filing the loan application with an unsecured loan calculator. As responsible lenders, we maintain strict principles for loan approval. It implies we work on the best possibilities to grant the loan. You can look forward to a detailed understanding of the terms before applying.

That’s why we are confident that our affordable and competitive loans are best for nearly every situation. Here are other reasons to tap unsecured loans in the UK from leading direct lenders, like Getloansnow:

  • Ensure painless application with debt-free solutions
  • We do not waste time on unnecessary paperwork
  • Get money within 15 minutes of loan approval
  • No lengthy phone interviews
  • Focus on efficiency and convenience with safe transactions
  • Provide a facility to prepay the amount


By now, you must have got an idea about how we operate. If you have any questions, you can have a look at the below-asked questions:

What are the eligibility criteria for unsecured loans?

Every interested borrower must meet a criterion to get the loan. We accept applications with CCJs, bankruptcy, and missed payments. Here are the general criteria:

  • You must be a full-time resident of the UK
  • Should be 18 and above
  • Can afford the payments comfortably
  • Should have a regular/part-time income proof
  • Businesses must have a business plan
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