Bad credit Loans

Get up to £10000 as any-purpose cash in 30 minutes at bad credit

  • Economic interest rates
  • Genuine and honest direct lenders
  • Approach us 24/7 for any loan concern
  • Personalised repayment schedules
  • Multiple payment options

Representative example:

If you borrow £5800 for 36 months at an APR of 4.5%, your monthly repayments will be £172.30, and the total amount repayable- £6202.74.(The longer the term, the lesser will be repayment per month)

Get low-cost bad credit loans for pressing cash needs now!

You may need cash for any purpose despite credit delinquencies like CCJs, defaults, bankruptcy, or missed payments. If you need an instant solution to your problem, contact Getloansnow. We provide quick loans for bad credit when others deny approval.

You can fetch up to £10000 for up to 60 months for any purpose as a part of our fast and convenient lending. It is despite your minimal but valid income of (£500/month and above). We believe in providing individuals with another chance to improve their credit regardless of past credit mistakes with a pre-payment facility.

We display the best of our expertise to provide the most affordable loans despite low credit scores for your circumstances. That's why we provide loans for bad credit online without a detailed credit check. In case you do not get loan approval, the check will not impact your credit score. You share 97% loan approval chances with us.

What do loans for bad credit imply?

A bad credit loan is a short-term personal loan available exclusively for those with past credit issues. These are specialised funding sources and may include high-interest rates. With us, these loans suit best to your urgent financial needs. The best thing is that you can apply for unsecured bad credit loans.

You can feel assured as the interest rates are fixed but competitive. It implies you will pay a fixed amount every month, but it is slightly higher due to the risk associated with your low credit profile. You can reduce the impact by proving your affordability with stable income proof and maintaining loan payments.

We base our loan affordability criteria on income rather than solely relying on credit scores. If your income is more than the amount needed, you can get small loans for bad credit status. On approval, you can continue payments as agreed.

The loan terms and conditions are as flexible as usual, where you pick the repayment period at your convenience. If you follow the same, improving your credit scores will further benefit you.

What should you know before taking loans with bad credit?

Bad credit personal loans have become easier since online application becomes applicable. Still, it does require careful preparation to avoid any rejections you have received from traditional lenders. As a modern-age lender, we suggest some vital tricks you can follow before lodging an application for these loans.

  • Interest rates

    You should know that these loans carry higher interest rates, as they are unsecured, and a bad credit score is already there. Therefore, analyse the rates we share in the loan quote with you. Calculate whether you can afford the rates or not. If not, then communicate with us as soon as possible.

  • Credit score check

    Another vital thing to know is the credit check process. Do not go for a hard credit check process, as it may leave a search footprint on your credit profile, and your score will be visible to everyone. Instead, choose a deal where a soft credit check is assured, and you are already at the right place.

  • Repayments

    You cannot ignore the repayment part when it comes to loans. We give you a variety of repayment terms, including fortnightly, weekly and monthly. You can select among these according to your repayment capacity. If you have borrowed large funds, opting for monthly repayments will be better.

  • Extra charges

    You cannot confirm a loan deal without going through whether there are some extra charges or not. However, there is nothing to be cautious about because we do not charge any upfront fees, and there is no early repayment fee to submit. You pay only the interest rates alongside the principal amount.

What purposes bad credit loans can help you with?

There are multiple reasons behind a person applying for a low credit history loan. The most popular purpose individuals tap very bad credit loans from direct lenders like us is to fund an emergency like:

  • Paying credit card bills to avoid penalties
  • Paying utility bills
  • Medical concerns
  • Child’s education
  • Paying insurance premiums
  • Bridging a business equipment purchase amount
  • Meet urgent car repair need before payday
Bad Credit Loans Direct Lender

You may need immediate money for the above-listed short-term purposes before salary day. You can use them as payday loans for poor credit for something you want to buy outright but lack enough savings. With us, you no longer need to defer your plan until your credit score improves. You can get the best possible solutions for your personalised situations.

The expenses listed above can arise regardless of your employment situation. Do not be held back if you are jobless but need urgent money to fix your needs. We provide unemployed loans for bad credit people struggling financially. You can apply and qualify for instant cash for any critical need by revealing any income proof.

How to prepare for bad credit loans to get on easier terms?

Yes, getting reasonable rates on loans for bad credit history is possible. You should begin with clearing your pending or outstanding debt. It would not only help boost your credit rating but improve your affordability.

Here are other ways to get low-cost personal loans for bad credit:

  • Search for best rate quotes

    Use an eligibility checker to know the loan costs and the minimum credit score requirement. It will help you avoid unnecessary extra payments and save a lot of money during the loan process. Doing this will also help you in getting an affordable amount.

  • Choose a shorter repayment term

    Instead of paying small instalments for years, resort to high monthly payments and short-loan terms. It would help you fetch lower interest rates and reduce overall loan costs drastically.

    However, if applying for unemployed loans for a bad credit score, you may go with a longer term for comfortable loan payments.

  • Pick a lower amount to borrow

    It is helpful if you need loans for bad credit with no guarantor parameter. You may get cheaper loan costs if you borrow a lower loan amount here.

For example, if you need £3000 at a low credit score, reduce it to £2600. Check if you can meet your needs with that amount. If yes, you can save on interest costs. The overall loan becomes affordable.

This arrangement is also beneficial if applying for loans for bad credit with no guarantor and on benefits income. If you want to meet your needs with ensuring limited costs, this is the best way.

What features ensure the best bad credit loans?

We screen through every application we receive manually instead of relying on software. While analysing, we prefer affordability. You never have to engage in an elongated process just to get rejected. We will update you with our acceptance within 15 minutes of application and analysis.

If you qualify for these unsecured loans for bad credit, we help you ensure the best advantages in the following way:

  • Ensure all-inclusive lending

    Our loans cater to help people from different walks of life. You can apply whether you are a student, single mother/father, self-employed, employer, unemployed, tenant, or pensioner. Individual needs and finances may differ. Hence, re-structure the loan agreement accordingly.

  • Prioritise soft credit check to know the affordability

    Instead of conducting a deep analysis of your credit, we analyse the below aspects to provide a loan:

    • Income
    • Payment frequency
    • Liabilities/monthly expenses

    Post credit check, we do not ask for unnecessary proof or a guarantor if your income suffices. However, as a responsible direct lender, we conduct minimal credit checks. Do not expect a loan without one. It helps us ensure whether you can pay the loan comfortably along with interest costs or not.

    You can get affordable bad credit loans with no guarantor and no hard credit check from a direct lender for your immediate needs.

  • Affordable loan fee structure

    While providing loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees on an instant decision, we help you know the loan terms and other aspects. Though having a guarantor can help you reduce the overall loan costs, sometimes it becomes impossible to have one. Do not worry, we do not charge any fee even if you need a loan without a guarantor. You can qualify easily.

Are bad credit loans with no guarantor right for me?

Different circumstances demand unique financial solutions. You must be clear about the purpose before applying for a very bad credit loan with no guarantor facility. It is apt when you need quick cash without any third-person requirement at low credit.

The one who taps this loan type has a good income, stable credit scores, and finances. "Stable" implies your profile has had no loan defaults recently. It is ideal for students, tenants, self-employed, living in distant places, and needing regular cash flow to meet time-sensitive financial requirements individually.

Many mainstream lenders require additional proof in the form of a guarantor if you have a low income and credit score. If you need very bad credit loans with no guarantor from a direct lender with which you share the highest probability of qualifying, you have landed right.

You can check other aspects to get no guarantor loans from a direct lender at a low credit profile.

  • Ensure timely recent payments

    We analyse your credit report for your recent payments, like credit card payments and timely bill payments, and allow you a small sum for your needs. If you fear defaulting and impacting your credit score further, do not worry. Our easy and flexible repayment terms ensure timely and budget-friendly loan agreements.

  • Stable income with consistent employment history

    Regular employment indicates that you have one fixed income source. It helps us rely on you for payments, and thus, approve your loan application. If you are in between jobs or have part-time opportunities, inform us. It will help us provide the best decision.

BAD CREDIT LOANS with No Credit Check
  • Ensure a low-debt-to income ratio

    Having a low debt-to-income ratio indicates responsible financial management. If you have a higher one, we approve the loan. You may even fetch better rates.

For example, if you earn £33000 a month and your monthly expenses are £30000, you may not get the loan. Likewise, if expenses are £22000, we approve the application.

What makes us special as bad credit loans provider?

Getloansnow bases affordability and comfort to help individuals with pressing cash needs. You can get affordable interest rates on borrowing £5000 and above with us. Apart from this, there are other facilities and benefits you can tap into by partnering with us.

  • We never ask for sensitive information like SSN for loan sanction
  • Accommodate any cumbersome finance requirement with a can-do attitude
  • The overall loan costs stand competitive to other providers
  • Provide regulated guidance on loan payment management
  • Grant you a payment holiday in case of financial trouble


By now, you may be familiar with how we operate. Here are some questions that you may ask. It will help answer your curiosities.

Is pre-approval possible on bad credit loans?

Yes, we provide pre-approval on these loans for you to know the loan term and costs. It will help you evaluate how much you can comfortably borrow and pay later. Pre-approval is helpful if you want to compare the rates to find the best for your circumstances.

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