Payday loans

  • No guarantor needed
  • Prompt and easy application
  • Borrow up to £5000
  • Bad credit status considered
  • Lowest possible rates for first-time borrowers

Representative example:

If you borrow £300 for 29 days on a fixed interest rate of 70%pa. The total amount payable is £369.60 in one single repayment. Apart from the credit plus interest rate charges, no other rates apply here.

Grab Payday loans on fast processing for any emergency

When you need immediate cash for any urgent purpose, payday loans just fit the search. Get these income-based loans up to £1000-£5000 for 12 months for any need with no documentation, no detailed credit screening, and of course, without any collateral.

Anyone earning at least £800/month can get a payday loan online with us. Get minimal cash assistance if you have missed payments, CCJ or any bad credit issue in your name. We provide affordable loans for individuals with low credit histories.

With a direct debit facility, you can track your payments and complete the agreement without missing a payment. As for repayments, we provide these instalment loans where you can easily split the payments and pay in halves as per your budget. We do not charge any hidden fees as a reliable provider of payday loans in the UK.

Keep up with timely repayments to avoid extra fees like missed payments. For this, we provide a direct debit facility. We deduct the monthly payment automatically. You can request a closure if you want to manage it manually.

Save on interest costs and clear the loan early, with no fee prepayment. We keep your details confidential to ensure the safest loans.

Direct access to payday loans

What is a payday loan?

It is a form of short-term cash assistance exclusively for emergencies. One can get it by providing valid income proof. These are also like personal loans, ideal for meeting any cash need before the income day and are known as salary-day loans.

Here, the principal you pay is the portion of your next paycheck. If you have a regular, part-time, income from freelancing or a pension, you can qualify for payday loans from a direct lender like Getloansnow. We accept income from any legal sources. You repay the total amount on the day you get your salary. However, with us, you have the flexibility to spread the cost.

If you are a student needing extra cash to clear your credit card dues or an unemployed who needs the flexibility to meet basic everyday needs, you can get these loans cheaply. Apart from these, you can also use it for business purposes, like bridging an equipment purchase, closing a client call, or a business trip. We offer same-day payday loans at competitive interest rates, regardless of your purpose.

Individuals borrowing an amount with a low credit history should be confident about timely paying the loan and interest rates. However, you can request a repayment extension if you missed a few payments. We help you by re-developing a new schedule based on your affordability and budget. Likewise, you can switch from weekly to monthly payments per your needs.

For example, if you have borrowed £1500 for 25 months, you can contact us and get exceeded term of 45 months. Likewise, it will reduce the monthly repayment/ interest costs and help you maintain regular payments.

When should you tap instant payday loans?

Once you qualify for direct payday loans, you can use the amount you wish. There is no restriction on our part on the same. From scheduling an urgent medical consultation before salary day to minor home repairs like pipe leakage, you can use it for any purpose per se.

If you are confused about whether you can, you can call and confirm anytime. Here are other purposes for tapping a direct lender like us for urgent payday loans.

  • Car Repair

    If you regularly drive up to the university or office, you must have encountered issues like car heat-up, non-workable AC, fuel issues, window repair, seat repair, etc. These loans can help prevent compromising the car’s performance with instant cash.

  • Urgent Medical Concerns

    Sometimes, the health concerns get severe if not attended timely. If you are short of cash to consult a doctor, or your child needs immediate medical assistance, you can get instant approval from us. We prioritise individual concerns and urgency and release funds quickly.

  • Credit card payments

    It impacts the monthly budget if you do not get time to make timely credit card payments owing to other lifestyle aspects. You can avoid the situation by borrowing some amount to clear the debt before late fees.

    As a well-established direct lender of payday loans, we provide smooth and paperless loans. Check whether you can comfortably pay the amount back after clearing your credit card debt. If yes, then you can take it. It also boosts your credit score.

What benefits you get with the best payday loans?

There are innumerable advantages of these small loans in cashless situations. You get help to meet the cash requirements before salary day. Nevertheless, these loans are the best financial solution when:

  • You live alone in the country and lack sufficient cash backup
  • You only need a small amount

In any of these situations, getting guaranteed approval is indeed relieving. The word “guaranteed” here implies we approve the application only after carrying out a few affordability checks. It helps us know your finances and potential to afford the loan comfortably.

Check other benefits of these types of short-term loans:

  • Get an affordable loan with bad credit history

    Yes, we provide steadfast payday loans for bad credit profiles to bridge any emergency without regretting the credit score. Loan approval is based on an individual’s affordability in the form of income, stable outgoings, and expenses.

    However, applying with an unstable credit profile may impact the interest costs a bit. To qualify for a lower interest rate, borrow a lower amount.

instant payday loans
  • Unemployed individuals can apply

    Meeting all your needs on government grants or benefits is challenging. As a result, your search for quick cash help to finance the need.

    Yes, we are the lender for payday loans that accept benefits as a legal income source for loan approval. If you have proof of the benefits you receive, you can get the loan immediately.

    However, you should not worry if you have just applied and have no slip. You can still qualify for a small amount under payday loans for unemployed people by revealing your application or registration proof.

  • Highest loan approval chances

    You can get no-refusal payday loans from direct lenders like us. No refusal loan here implies that we accept your application with dire consequences, regardless of financial circumstances. If you lack time and cannot stand a rejection from mainstream lenders, check out these fast loans.

  • Does not require a guarantor

    You have landed right if you often search for affordable, no-guarantor loans from a direct lender that fit your budget and terms.

    We understand that getting a guarantor/third person can be stressful when you need a small sum. You can qualify by supporting your loan application with well-managed finance and relevant income.

  • Get a loan without troubling your credit score

    We provide payday loans with no credit checks to individuals seeking urgent cash. Such loan implies that the credit check does not get recorded. Your credit score remains the same at the time of application and loan approval.

How to get low-cost payday loans for bad credit?

Individuals applying for these loans primarily have income and credit issues. However, one can qualify for a loan with poor credit history, but at competitive rates.

On the contrary, getting one with stable or good credit history is affordable and manageable. It leaves you with more flexibility to cater to other crucial life aspects. Nobody likes to pay extra.

How about saving more on bad credit loans? Yes, you can. Check the below aspects to improve your chances of qualifying for cheap loans:

  • Improve your income/ seek an additional source

    As these loans are salary-based, the amount you get highly depends on how much you earn monthly. So, if you are unemployed or a part-time worker, check other sources to ensure high earnings.

  • Opt for a shorter loan term

    Choosing a repayment structure is the most crucial part of these loans. Before choosing the loan term, analyse your monthly expenses, salary, bills, etc. Opting for a shorter repayment term is more affordable than a long-term one. You can save interest costs.

  • Consolidate or pay some debts off your profile

    Before applying for these fast loans, analyse the loans to pay. If you cannot, consolidation is the best option. However, only tap it if you have a regular income.

For example, if you have a £1000 no guarantor loan, £2000 credit card debt, or £2000 on other debt, you can consolidate these to pay a single payment to the provider.

Does a payday loan impact mortgage approval?

No, the loan applications do not affect your mortgage approval chances. Most individuals fall back on payments owing to other important stuff.

Pending payments lead to a credit drop or low credit. Here, first-time home seekers often fear mortgage rejection. You do not need to worry if you have loan arrears because mortgage providers stress the below aspects:

  • How long ago you applied for the loan
  • How frequently do you apply
  • The number of loans

If your profile reveals recent payments, they may consider the loan application. Qualifying for a mortgage depends primarily on the LTV (loan-to-value ratio). It is the amount you get on the home value.

For example, if you want to own a property costing £2,50,000, and you get 80% of the home’s value. You get £2,00,000 for your needs from the mortgage provider.

If worried about pending loans or arrears, contact us.

You can still own your house. As a responsible direct lender to provide payday loans for bad credit, we help you clear the debt by:

  • Providing you with the flexibility to re-schedule payments
  • Granting you the freedom to revise loan interest costs if credit improves
  • You can pre-pay the loan amount in a lump sum

This way, we help you get back on your feet without applying for another loan to clear one.

On your side, you can continue making minimum payments on the loan, if not full. Other than that, cut unnecessary expenses and save for payments. It will help you pay off the loans quickly.

Who can qualify for high acceptance payday loans?

Every lender has unique criteria for approving applications. Before searching for “payday loans near me”, you must know the eligibility parameter. Applying without knowing the criteria may impact the credit score and prove unnecessary trouble on the budget.

Here are our borrower-friendly eligibility criteria that eliminate any cumbersome requirements. You may qualify if:

  • You are 18 years or above

    We have this criterion to ensure you know the amount and everything related to the loan to make an informed decision. You should be familiar with the terms like repayment, interest rates, APR, etc., to know that it is the best product for your needs.

    You can apply from leading direct lenders in the UK marketplace if you meet the age criteria and have a relevant purpose for cash requirements.

  • You have a regular/part-time income source

    To get any loan, you must pay it back timely. We analyse the income proof and provide the loan amount accordingly.

    Students, Self-employed, employed, business owners, and tenants can get the loan if you provide relevant proof of income in the form of a salary slip/ revenue. We also consider part-time income from freelancing. However, you should borrow less than your income to get quick approval.

  • Your name is on the electoral roll

    You ought to be a permanent citizen of the UK to qualify for these loans with us. These loans are easy to fetch. As responsible payday loan direct lenders, we ensure that we only lend to individuals who are natives of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales. It grants reassurance that we can bank upon you for timely payments.

  • Own a valid UK bank debit card

    If you own a relevant debit card, you can qualify. On loan approval, we send the loan amount to the bank account attached with the debit card. By having one, you can pay with direct debit.

What is the procedure to apply?

If your application entails risks, we draft an agreement that does not hurt your budget or credit score. Here is the procedure to follow:

Application Procedure

Step 1

Analyse your needs and apply for any amount up to £5000 for your needs by filling up other personal details like:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Loan Type
  • Email
  • Account number

Step 2

We approve your loan application within minutes of receiving it.

Step 3

Once approved, you can provide income proof with your confirmation of the loan

Step 4

Get cash within 30 minutes to your respective account

After that, you can repay the amount according to your repayment term. For any short-term cash needs, contact us today!

Why choose Getloansnow?

You have landed right if you need fast and safe loans from a direct lender that provides you with personalised quotes on bad credit. Here are factors why you can consider us for your immediate cash needs:

  • We ensure ease of borrowing
  • Provide consistent customer support until loan disbursal
  • Grant you the opportunity to cancel the application within 3 days
  • You pay capped interest rates
  • We do not bother you with countless texts and emails
  • Flexibility to re-schedule payment

Now, you may be familiar with our customer-friendly loan processing. From helping you get the minimal amount to constant support in ensuring affordable repayments, we are there for you.


Here are some common queries that our customers have related to payday loans:

What happens if I fall on payday loan repayments?

Contact us if you miss over 3 payments in a row. If you want, you can connect early as well. We help you manage your finances with a new repayment plan that goes well with your income and finances. If you need help paying the loan in one lump sum, we guide you to clear your debt without impacting the budget.

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