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Finance your home renovation, get a new car, or consolidate debt with our 100% online and affordable personal loans for up to £50000

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  • 100% online application
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Representative example:

Representative APR%: Get an amount of £4000 for 36 months at 14.9% p.a fixed interest Monthly repayments: £136.65, Total Repayable amount: £4919.47

Get personal loans with no impact to credit score

Clear credit card dues, start your business, or schedule a critical surgery now! No more waiting. Live your life on your terms with our flexible and low-interest personal loans. Anyone with regular income can get secured and unsecured personal loans on the same day without detailed credit screening.

Amount £1000- £50000
Duration 12 months - 7 years

We provide loans for your convenience at rates personalised to your finances. Do not worry about repayments, as we allow weekly and monthly repayments with a direct debit facility.

Getloansnow provides the best rate for every income and credit score. When you approach us for personal loans with a poor credit score, we gauge the repayment potential before approving it. Also, we grant early payment options to borrowers to save on interest costs.

What do personal loans imply?

Personal Loans

Personal loans are a type of financial facility that allows one to borrow an amount and repay the total amount, including interest rates, after the loan term completion. You pay fixed monthly instalments throughout the term. These are usually unsecured, but we provide secured loans, too, for you to ensure flexibility. These loans for personal use help serve any short and medium-term purposes.

The interest rate you get on the loan depends highly on your affordability and credit score. Any individual with a stable credit score and income can qualify with us. Undergraduates can also get short-term and instant personal student loans for rent payments, education trips, etc.

If you have a bad credit history, the approval will depend on your income, existing debts, and monthly outgoings. Do not worry about the loan charges, you can know the amount using a free personal loan calculator. It would help you budget every month and know how missed payments may impact your total loan costs.

To define personal loans precisely, these flexible loans help you fulfil any need by funding the respective amount without depending solely on savings.

What are the primary reasons to apply for personal loans?

There are plenty of reasons to apply for these instalment loans. The flexibility to spread the loan payments in easy repayments grants you the freedom to regulate your lifestyle. You can gain more control over your finances.

You can opt for personal loans in the UK for the following reasons:

  • Finance a hefty wedding expense

    A wedding is a one-time life moment that ought to be special. If you are a bit low on financing your dream wedding, now is the time to live your expectations by applying for long-term personal loans at affordable interest rates and terms.

    The extended term gives you the peace of mind to relish every wedding moment without worries. Use it for any wedding purpose like booking a venue, catering, sending invitations, etc.

  • Book a holiday

    If you have been anticipating a much-needed break from regular life, check out our personal loans of 50000 pounds to ensure a comfortable and peaceful stay on Madagascar Island or the place of your dreams. There is no tomorrow. Contact us today for any requirements.

    You can also check personal loans for £30000 if you need a part amount to book the flight or shop for essentials for your next trip.

  • Consolidate credit card payments

    If you have too much unpaid balance on many credit cards, clear the dues with one payment. An outstanding balance leads to late fees, impacting the credit score.

    If you are worried about falling credit and increased debt, get a steadfast solution with our personal debt consolidation loans facility. It helps you lower your liability and boost your credit score. We provide the flexibility to clear all your credit card dues on bad credit history if you have a stable income.

  • Get money by putting assets as a security

    Yes, with us, you can leverage secured personal loans for any purpose. It is ideal for businesses and individuals with limited cash but who have ample assets to get finance against. It would not only help you reduce the repayments, but interest costs too.

    If you share the potential to pay the loan amount comfortably by the loan term ends, get personal loans with the lowest interest rate today. Be mindful that non-repayment may mean losing the asset to the lender. In this case, if you share any risk of losing your asset, we tell it upfront for you to decide right.

  • Need cash for home renovation

    If you have been waiting for just the right moment to renovate the dampened kitchen walls or update the living room, our personal home improvement loans may help. These are secured against your home. It is ideal for buy-to-let properties.

    If you want a collateral-free loan, you can get that too. However, here you get a small amount compared to secured loans.

What are as advantages and disadvantages of personal loans?

It is always good to evaluate up the pros and cons of any loan before applying. However, the loans are ideal for short and long-term uses. You must maintain regular payments to keep your credit score intact, otherwise, they become risky too.


These loans do not require rigorous documentation, mainly if you apply for unsecured personal loans with us. These are more accessible than personal loans with security due to short repayment terms.

We provide immediate loan approval on secured loans as we do not undertake loan-to-value ratios if you have an impeccable credit history and the property price is more than you need.

Here are other benefits:

  • By making regular payments and overpayments (if allowed), you can boost your credit score. It reveals the track record of finances and keeping up with payments.
  • If you have been struggling to secure a low-cost loan, getting a personal loan can help.
  • It is okay if you do not have much cash upfront to complete the loan early.

While comparing personal loans for your needs, you should analyse the longest term you can loan for. It is only ideal for individuals with low salary brackets and no assets to pledge.


You should be aware of the downsides as well. Having proper knowledge of the product would not only help you be confident about your decision but manages it responsibly as well.

  • Over-borrowing may impact budget

    Always analyse the amount you can afford realistically before borrowing. Sometimes, it may seem lower than what you need, but it is better than bearing unnecessary costs if you struggle to pay later.

  • The longer the repayment term, the higher interest you pay

    When applying for bad credit unsecured loans, a longer repayment term implies delayed loan completion and high-interest costs. With us, you can re-schedule your payments if your earning improves at any time. It allows you to save on interest costs.

  • Multiple applications may impact the credit score

    Your credit score may drop severely if you default or apply for multiple loans at a time. Here, you do not need to fear as we confirm and proceed further. We cancel the previously applied application and consider only the fresh one. This way, we help prevent the credit score.

How to get cheap personal loans with a bad credit score?

Before knowing the way to get loans at better interest rates and terms, one should be aware of the factors determining the loan costs, such as:

  • Available credit on credit cards
  • Your discipline in paying and clearing loans
  • Income
  • Market or economic factors

Now, that you are aware of the factors determining. Let’s know how to get bad credit personal loans with us affordably:

  • Check guarantor loans

    It is for the one who needs a large lump sum with poor credit but lacks sufficient income and assets to qualify. We provide personal loans with a guarantor at the best possible rates. A guarantor reduces the loan costs and helps you fetch better interest rates.

    However, with sufficient income, you do not need to call in a third person. We also provide no guarantor loans for bad credit issues to qualify and manage loans independently without any intervention.

  • Strengthen your income

    A high monthly salary reveals the responsibility to pay the loans timely. Also, working with a reputed employer for a long time also helps qualify for low rates loans.

    For example, if you have a consistent income and earn £75000, you can easily qualify for 50k personal loans with us at affordable terms on a low credit score.

  • Check collateral-based loans

    If you need a long-term personal loan for 10 years for a low credit score, a secured loan can help you get cheaper loan rates than an unsecured one. You may need that long loan for home renovation, car purchase, financing education, etc.

  • Check by comparing personal loans

    The cost of loans for personal use can differ from lender to lender. Thus, improvise your decision before moving forward with the first best provider.

You can compare personal loans in the UK marketplace by checking parameters like APR, interest rate, establishment fee, loan term and repayment facility. Your goal is not just to find the cheapest but a peaceful one too. And on this parameter, you can confide in us for relaxed loans.

Can a self-employed get personal loans?

Yes, you can get a personal loan for self-employed even with low credit history with us. As a sole business owner, you can counter any cash need like software updates, invoice regulation, and small office stationery, etc., needed for your business with personal loans.

We have simplified the facility for working loans as per different needs. Instead of waiting until the client releases payment, you can use our most sought-after self-employed personal loans facility.

You can get these loans instantly for short and long-term purposes. We primarily provide loans with no limitation of pledging an asset. These are perfect if you are uncomfortable with collateral-based loans.

You can get it by revealing the last self-assessment file and invoices. You should keep the below documents ready apart from self-assessment (SAS302) to qualify with us for personal loans up to £25000 for any business need:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Income sources apart from freelancing
  • Business registration details
  • Passport

One thing is for sure that you will get an affordable amount only. We analyse your income and revenue generated. Based on them, we grant funds for your financial needs.

What should you have to qualify for personal loans?

We do not put too many restrictions if someone wants to qualify for our loans. Here are the detailed eligibility pre-requisites for personal loans:

  • Fair credit score

    The higher your credit score, the superior the chances you share for cheap loan terms. A good credit history helps reduce the risk of default. Hence, we provide affordable loans. However, we provide personal loans for bad credit to individuals with unpaid bills and loans. Yes, you can qualify for better terms.

  • Supportable Income

    A regular employment source and long employment history reveal your potential to afford the loan payments. Here, we consider your income and the monthly amount you dedicate to expenses like rent and discretionary things. We approve if you do not have too many liabilities and sound income.

    For example, if you earn £50000/month, and your monthly expenses are £22000, you can qualify for the loan. However, you may not get one if you earn £50000/month with monthly expenses being £45000.

    If you have a good income, choose a shorter repayment term for a personal unsecured loan for bad credit history. It would help you clear the loan early and save unnecessary interest costs.

  • Credit report

    While your credit score is critical, we also analyse your credit report for a quick understanding of your finances. If you have past credit issues like credit collection issues, bankruptcy or foreclosure can impact overall loan costs. Conditions like unemployment make it impossible to clear loans and thus lead to pending payments in the credit report. You do not have to halt your dreams.

    You can still get unemployed personal loans with us. We design repayments that fall within your budget with the flexibility of a 2-month repayment holiday. It would grant sufficient time to arrange the sum and pay.

    For better rates, you can improve your credit history and score by clearing dues, making overpayments on your mortgage (if allowed), and seeking additional income sources.

How does the application process for personal loans work?

We provide a vast scope of all-purpose loans, from small guaranteed loans to long-term secured ones. Every person shares unique finances and requirements. Thus, our various finance facilities serve every cash requirement. Here is how you can apply with us:

Application Process Unsecured loans Secured loans
Step 1

Apply by providing the personal details:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Id
  • Loan type (personal loan)
  • Amount

Apply by providing the personal details:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Id
  • Loan type (personal loan)
  • Amount
Step 2 We may verify your application for the affordability and your requirement by asking for income proof We provide loans by asking for collateral details. You can provide collateral in the form of property, a car, or any precious belongings you own.
Step 3 If your income suffices the loan amount and interest costs, we approve. If the cost of collateral is higher than the amount you need, we approve the loan

By trying the calculator, you can check your costs and confirm your decision for both secured and unsecured loans. You do not need to provide collateral for amounts below £25000. We never ask for it.

Why Choose Getloansnow?

From helping you choose the right personal loan for your situation to fetch the right amount, we are always there. Here are other reasons to contact us immediately as you read:

  • Simple and easy-to-understand interface
  • Quick and convenient paperless loans
  • Get complete information on the loan before applying
  • Shortest possible application form
  • Safeguard your details
  • Figure out any possibility to help you when you need funds the most
  • Interact with a real person instead of a bot


By now, you must know how responsibly we operate and analyse your smallest cash needs. However, you may still have some questions. If yes, here are some common personal loan queries that our customers have recently shared. It may help you clear your doubts:

Are personal loans better than credit cards?

Unless you are on an interest-free credit card period, personal loans can be an affordable option for your needs. Moreover, if you miss a credit card payment, the overall cost will be higher than a personal loan.

To avoid paying interest, you must clear credit card dues quickly. Conversely, the freedom to choose repayments on personal loans makes the loan affordable. You can pay instalments without skipping any.

What should you be aware of while applying for the loans?
Can I get the amount offline after getting approved?
Is there any way to know how much I can afford?
Do you provide loans without a credit check?