Application process is extremely smooth. They asked me for a bank statement only. I just needed £800 as a payday loan, yet they were particular about my repaying capacity. The representative did not ask me for any upfront fees. My credit rating was not so good, yet I did not have to arrange a guarantor or co-applicant. All in all it was a good experience with GetLoansnow.

-John Jonston

Customer support team is excellent. They thoroughly looked at my application. Their excellent communication made it easier for me to understand what I needed to qualify for a loan. I was asked to arrange all documents so GetLoansNow could believe my repaying capacity. The documents were scanned without further ado and money was transferred to my bank account.


The loan process was simple. Turnaround time was fast. I got money within a few hours after submitting the application. The overall service was great. I was not poked for a guarantor, collateral or paying any money upfront. I got bad credit loans at the most affordable interest rates.


I lost my job last month. No lender was ready to lend me even though I had been on benefits, but then I applied for unemployed loans from GetLoansNow. I had to clear the debt in small instalments. This was the best thing I noticed about this lender. I managed to pay off the debt smoothly. Highly recommend GetLoansNow.

Meghan J.

I borrowed a sum of money six months ago from GetLoansNow to carry out a home renovation project. I am supposed to pay down the debt in fixed instalments. I have cleared more than half of the debt. The best part is the lender did not charge any upfront fees. No collateral was demanded. My credit score was not so good, yet I got a personalised deal on home improvement loans.

-William Hernandez

My tumble dryer broke down last week and I did not have a lot of savings, so I decided to borrow £500 from GetLoansNow to get it fixed. No ugly surprises, no demands for upfront payments. I got approval for a payday loan the same day I put in the application form. The lending process is extremely convenient.

-Peggy M.

GetLoansNow is the best lender when it comes to funding Christmas celebration. Christmas loans are available at the most affordable interest rates. I took out these loans to fund my vacation. I got a personalized deal. I was supposed to pay down the debt in three equal instalments. I am absolutely free from debt.

-Barry Ware

I highly recommend GetLoansNow. I took out bad credit loans with an aim to improve my credit score. I got the loan at a lower interest rate. The lender did not ask me any upfront fees, nor did they ask me to arrange a guarantor or collateral. I made all payments on time and then I saw a drastic improvement in my credit score.

-Lena Martin

Very professional service is what I liked about GetLoansNow. I took out an unsecured loan from this lender. The representative carefully analysed my application. They demanded my bank statement and income statement as well. From the first day, the lender maintained transparency.


GetLoansNow involves no paper work. I simply filled out the application form. The lender just asked me to submit my bank statement and that is it. The decision was made promptly. It took a few minutes to assess my application. I got approval for a payday loan within a few minutes.

-Veronica L