How It Works

We know you cannot wait any longer to get approval for money in the event of urgency. Therefore, our application process is smooth, simple and fast. You are already at the right lending hub to borrow money now.

Our application process is hassle-free – no collateral, no paperwork, only personalised solutions to your needs. Get money within minutes and use it the way you wish. We have already helped millions of people in the UK. The next lucky person is you.

Start applying for a loan now because you need funds for unforeseen expenses. Before that, you should know how our loan process work.

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    Assess your affordability

    Analyse how much you can afford to pay back. Get your bank statement and check your spending to see if you will be left with some money to clear the dues.

Apply now for instant approval
3 Little steps for application
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    Have your bank statement ready

    Wait for the pre-approval from us. This is the stage when we will run a soft credit check. If we approve, you will be asked to submit a copy of your bank statement.

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    Sign the loan agreement

    Then, we will peruse your bank statement to see if you can pay back the debt along with your monthly expenses. If so, you will receive a quote in your email along with a loan agreement.

Transparent and Customised deals
3 Little steps for application
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    Get money in your bank account

    You are required to read all terms and conditions of the contract. You can ask us for any doubt. Our customer support team will help you at every stage. After you submit a signed loan agreement, you will receive money directly in your bank account.

How is our loan process exclusive?

The application process of GetLoansNow is straightaway. There are some great aspects of our loan process, which is why people like using our services on and on when they need money. We offer small repayments with more instalments.

No ugly surprises, such as upfront fees, will haunt you. You will get incredible support from our team of professionals throughout the application process. We maintain transparency so that we will resolve all your queries arising at any stage during the process.

If you want our support with repayments, let us know. We are constantly working to make our loan deals more affordable and manageable.

You do not have to maintain a perfect credit score to apply for a loan from us. We believe that sometimes bad luck rules. Your credit score is just a three-digit number, not a tool to assess your repaying capacity.

We give everyone a fair chance to borrow money. We will review your overall financial picture to decide whether you can pay back the debt. Do you want to get a free quote? Contact our customer support team.

Why should you apply for loans at GetLoansNow?

We will let you get a loan in a minute. Whether your credit rating is good or bad, you can fund your unforeseen or planned expenses with our loan deals.

When should you submit your loan application?

There are various circumstances when you may need to borrow money from us.

  • Emergencies

    Emergencies can happen at any time. It is always suggested to be prepared to tackle them, but despite much effort, your savings can fall short of cash. There is no need to worry, as our bad credit and payday loans can give you a helping hand.

  • Planned expenses

    Our loans are ideal for unforeseen expenses, but you can use them for planned expenses as well. A wedding, vacation, or business party are some planned costs when your savings might fall short. Apply for our personal loans and fund any of your needs.

  • Home Repair

    Do you need to have your house repaired? Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, our home renovation loans will be the best bet. It does not matter whether or not you want to do it to increase the sale price. Just choose the amount and fill in the application form. The rest we will handle.

  • Festive expenses

    Do not let your celebration go bland because your savings have fallen. Apply for our Christmas loans and use them to fund parties, decorations, presents, and the like.

  • Unemployment

    You might feel cash-strapped when you lose your job. Despite unemployment benefits, you might have a problem meeting your daily expenses. There is nothing to worry about your finances. You can try our unemployed loans based on your unemployment benefits.

Apply now, and cash will be delivered to you in a minute!